3 Benefits of a Lifestyle Screen Door for Your Garage

If you have a garage and you do not live alone, then you understand that leaving the garage door open can be convenient for when you and or your family and or friends are coming and going through the garage. Now while there is a definite appeal to leaving the garage door wide open, there is a slew of complications that cause responsible people to be wary of just leaving the garage door wide open. 

1. Home Security

Leaving the garage door open for all who pass by to see right into your garage is a massive security risk, any security professional will tell you that the most basic levels of security start with what someone sees at first glance when they look at your home. The same security professionals will advise you not to throw out whole boxes of big brand new electronics into your garbage right after Christmas. You do not want to advertise to the bad guys that you just bought a new TV. A similar thought goes behind not leaving your garage wide open for any potential burglars to see its contents and start salivating over your stuff that they can’t wait to grab. The same people that leave the garage door open throughout the day are the same people that forget to close it at night, and it can be a simple stroll for a burglar to waltz right into your garage and help themselves to anything in there or worse, walk right into your actual home. This danger is the first and in my opinion, the most significant benefit of the lifestyle screen door for your garage. Even if you do not have the fancy ones with the door built into them let’s say you have the soft tent flap like one with the zipper or velcro, as long as that thing is somewhat not see through, you have given your home a level of security back. 

2. Convenience

People like to leave their garage doors open for the ease of coming and going without having to wait for ten years for the garage door to open or worse having the manually open the door themselves! Especially when you have children or family or friends that are continually using the garage as a way to access the house. If you are security conscious, you are always closing it and yelling at family and friends to close the door. However, with a lifestyle screen door, you do not have to worry about that, especially if you get one of the cool ones with the door set in the middle of it, some of them even have an automatic closing and locking mechanism! All the while making the garage door super easy to come in and out of. The lifestyle screen door for your garage is a must have if you have an actively used garage.

3. Pest Protection

The third and final benefit of having one of these lifestyle screen doors is that it lets you work and or hang out in your garage and keep the door open all the while keeping the bugs and the glaring rays of the sun out. Some of these doors come with extra layers of sun protection and will even offer up some insulation. Even if people are just coming and going, the lifestyle screen door does a great job keeping out pesky insects, and for that reason alone, they offer significant benefits to garage door owners.

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