Common Garage Door Issues

Garage doors are a huge part of any home. They usually last about 15 years with little to no hiccups, but what happens if there is an issue with your overhead door? Well, the first thing you need to do is be able to identify that there is an issue and try and figure out what that is. The best way to do that is to go through these common garage door issues to see if it is any of these!

Sensors not working – If your automatic overhead door isn’t opening it could be a problem with your opener being out of sync and needing to be realigned with your garage door. The sensors can become blocked or dirty and stop your overhead door from opening or closing. A little cleaning or technological reset could fix these problems right up.

Broken cables – The cables that hold up your garage door can break over time. Check to see if one part is sagging to the side or it seems one side is holding up more weight.

Broken springs – Springs are the workhorse of your overhead door. They are used to open and close your door but give out after a certain number of uses. This issue is hard to fix yourself and opening or closing the door could possibly do more damage to the door and could even unhinge the door so it’s important to check the springs if you are having issues with your garage door opening or if you hear a loud noise.

Sticking rollers – If your overhead door is much louder when opening and closing that could be caused by a sticking roller. Rollers can become sticky due to humidity or not enough lubricant to stop the friction. Check to see if your rollers are lubricated enough to avoid big problems like your garage door unhinging.

These are just some of the most common issues. Most of these can be fixed quickly after you find out the issue, but to get the best repair possible, call the experts and we will get it done right.

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