Energy Efficient Overhead Garage Door

The term “energy efficient” gets thrown around a lot. Let’s take a moment to understand what “energy efficiency” means for your garage.

Garages are usually the most inefficient room in a home. What homeowners often forget is that your garage and its overhead door are like all other rooms of your house. If you want to be sure that you have an energy efficient overhead garage door, you need to consider a few different factors.

Check out these tips to make your garage and overhead garage door more energy efficient:

  1. It is essential to seal the cracks in the garage cement floor because when your car drives in with snow and rain on it’s tires, the water and snow seep into the cracks. The rain and snow will freeze and expand the cracks in the ground.
  2. Remember to insulate the outlets and light switches; use foam gaskets as this will help keep the harsh weather from getting in.
  3. Do not leave your garage door open, not only is this is an invitation for critters, but it is also a terrible idea if you are worried about having an energy efficient overhead garage door.
  4. Be careful to have a well-insulated door between the house and garage. A poorly insulated access door can result in cold drafts that will make it difficult to heat or cool the home and will drive energy costs up.
  5. Use energy saving LED lights as the outdoor and indoor lights of your garage. As they will be turning on and off throughout the day and at varying intervals, you want to make sure they are energy efficient LED. If the garage has windows, make sure they are energy efficient and well insulated.
  6. Both the windows and overhead doors for garages, like the rest of your house, can be purchased with a variety of R-value levels. R-value is the measurement of thermal resistance. As you increase the level of R-value on a window or your overhead garage door, you will have a more energy efficient overhead garage door or window.

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