Full-View Garage Door: Residential and Commercial Uses

When we talk garage doors, the first thought in many heads is your home garage. While this is of course one of the biggest and best places to put a garage door, there are so many other places where garage doors could be great; especially CHI Overhead Doors’ full-view garage doors!

Full-view garage doors are exactly what they sound like, they are garage doors allowing you to see all there is to see on the other side! These types of garage doors are used with a sturdy Aluminum frame and many panels for glass windows to fit in perfectly.

Full-view garage doors are perfect for any commercial or residential building that is going for a modern look! You have most likely seen these types of doors at car dealerships and there is a growing popularity for these in restaurants! This can be the perfect way to divide a room when there is a private party but instead leave it open to walk back and forth when there is no event going on. Full-view garage doors are great if you are trying for any open concept but want to give you the option to close it off because of the elements.

The possibilities here are endless! A restaurant with multiple full-view garage doors to let dinners enjoy the outside air, a dining hall that can separate two events or have one large event in the same space, or a lovely garage door that shows off your sense of style or opens right off your kitchen!

Full-view garage doors come with a large range of customization options from powder coating to being able to customize windows! There is very little a full-view garage door couldn’t do to spruce up your residential or commercial lifestyle! Check out Modern Overhead Doors’ full-view garage doors today!

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