Garage Door Operation 101

As homeowners, many of us have never read our garage door operation manuals. So today we are here to break down garage door operation 101. Here are 6 simple and easy to remember steps:

  1. Make sure garage door remotes are out of reach of children – when mounting your garage door opener button, two things to keep in mind are clear view of garage door and at least five feet off the floor. Explain to your children that garage doors and garage door openers are not toys.
  2. When opening or closing your garage door, make sure you can watch the garage door open all the way and close all the way – this will ensure that no people, animals or objects are in the way of a garage door moving up or down.
  3. If you need to use the emergency release handle, use while garage door is closed if at all possible. Weak or broken springs could cause garage door to fall rapidly if the emergency release handle is used while the garage door is open or up which increases the risk of severe injury or death. Make sure there is no person, animal or object in the way of the door while using the emergency release handle.
  4. Ensure your garage door reversing mechanism works – you can do this by setting a 2 x 4 board where the door will close. The garage door should automatically reverse when it comes in contact with the 2×4 if it does not contact Modern Overhead Door.
  5. Garage door repairs are not DIY – garage door repairs can be dangerous when not handled by a professional. The garage door opener uses electricity and the garage door parts can be heavy and difficult to maneuver. When you are in need of garage door repair service, avoid the risk of injury and hire a qualified garage door repair technician.
  6. While on vacation, you can unplug the garage door opener unit or if your unit has one – use a vacation lock console security switch. These options make remotes unusable and protect your home while you are gone.

Garage doors are generally the largest and heaviest moving appliance in your home. In some homes, garage doors are also utilized more than front, back and side doors because of their convenience. Make sure to go over garage safety with other members of your family to ensure you keep all of your loved ones safe. For more garage door operation information you can read this article, and for homeowners in the Wisconsin area in need of garage door help, contact Modern Overhead Door today.