Garage Door Safety Tips

Yes, there are safety tips for garage doors. Do a basic visual inspection of your CHI garage door. Look around for any loose springs, cables—signs of damage or wear. If you notice that something doesn’t look right, don’t try to fix it yourself. Garage doors are heavy and account for thousands of emergency room visits per year.

Keep the garage door opener away from children. There are many stories of children messing around and hanging onto moving garage doors or playing a game of “chicken” and running under a garage door that is opening or closing. 

Test the auto-reverse safety feature. If your CHI garage door was made after 1991, it should have this safety feature. You can make sure that it is working by placing a soft item, like a roll of paper towels underneath the door. When you try to close the garage door, the sensor should detect the object and go right back up. If the door comes down on the object, you need to call a garage door repair company as soon as possible.

Do not ever leave your door partially open; it is no different than leaving your front door open. It makes your home look like an easy target and is an invitation for burglars to come inside and rob your house.

Know how to use the emergency release. Your manual should include instructions on how to operate the emergency release. It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with your garage door and its emergency release so that you are not left scrambling during a blackout or in an emergency.

If you are leaving town, put your CHI garage door opener on the vacation mode setting. If your garage door opener does not have this setting, you can unplug it.

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