Why You Should Hire a Company for Commercial Overhead Door Repair

So your overhead door has been damaged or is broken, and you need it to be repaired. You do some research, and you see a cheap freelancer ad, and you think you’ve hit the jackpot. Think again! There are some things you should know before hiring a freelancer and deciding not to hire a professional commercial overhead door company to get the job done. In the long run, a professional company like Modern Overhead door will save you money when you need a commercial overhead door repair!!

Protect Your Possessions

Hiring a freelancer with questionable skills just because they are cheap is not a good idea. In all reality, you have no idea how qualified they are to get the job done. And let’s face it, you’ve got important stuff underneath that garage door! Why would you risk damaging your property in the instance that the garage door happens to fall on top of your valuable items while being repaired? Then what? YOU are responsible for these damaged items, not the freelancer. Repairing your commercial overhead door is not a job for someone that does not have the proper skills.

Potential Injuries & Lawsuits

Thousands of reported injuries occur every year from garage door malfunctions. Hiring someone without the proper skills and knowledge can be extremely risky because the garage door could be slammed down on someone if not repaired correctly.

You Could Spend MORE Money

If the freelancer was injured while completing the job, YOU could face a lawsuit which could cost thousands and thousands of dollars! Professional overhead door companies such as Modern Overhead Door come covered with insurance and will make sure your commercial overhead door repair gets done correctly and most important safely.

Always Read Reviews

Most of the time, a random freelancer will not have any online reviews. Make sure you do a google search and read what other people have said about the person/company before even thinking about hiring them! You can check out what our hundreds of satisfied customers have said about the work we do at Modern Overhead Door. People trust previous customers reviews, NOT random freelancers that have no online presence!

They Could Rip You Off

An untrustworthy freelancer may quote you one thing, but then during the process will charge you with “unforeseen issues” that arose on the project and will scam you! A garage door company like Modern Overhead Door that has gained the trust of many customers will give you a reliable rate and can be trusted with their quotes.

A lot of times freelancers don’t have any warranty on their work. If they are unlicensed or not tied to a company, they can easily say the job is completed, take your money, and disappear!

Signs to Watch Out for

  • Any freelancer untied to a company
  • Someone asking for large sums up front
  • Someone exaggerating the urgency of an issue being fixed on your door
  • Offers that expire in a short period of time or “one time deals”, it’s worth it to shop around for trustworthy service

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