Keep Your Overhead Door in Good Shape Over the Summer

Summer is in full swing and that means so many things! Laughing, playing, and fun is essential in summer, but so are mud and pollen. Summer can be a messy time for your home, especially for your overhead door!

Keeping Your Overhead Door in Good Shape

Inspect hardware – it’s important to look over your garage door once in a while to check for any issues. Look at any visible parts to see if something is loose or a bolt is missing. Replace or tighten these parts to make sure you don’t have any big issues later.

Lubricate moving parts – hinges and springs in your garage can get rusted or start to creak. It’s important to keep these parts lubricated so they move smoothly. Summer time it’s especially important because of the humidity in the air.

Wash it – Washing your garage door can help remove some of the dirt and mud that summer activities bring. Washing your overhead door can be done pretty simply with water and a mild household detergent. It can also be a fun chore to help with some of that summer heat!

These are some easy and fast steps you can take to keep your overhead door looking good and working properly all summer long! If you run into any issues or have a question about replacing or maintaining your garage door, call Modern Overhead Door today!

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