How to let more light in with C.H.I. Full-View Aluminum Overhead Door

Enduring long and dark Wisconsin winters can leave business owners and homeowners craving all the sunlight they can get.  C.H.I. Full-view aluminum overhead doors are the best solution that lets you and your family, or your customers, enjoy as much sunshine as possible with added aesthetic appeal!  commercial full view aluminum overhead door

In the past, the only way to let light into your garage or business was through windows.  In a home garage, there is usually very little space for actual windows.  In most garages, extra wall space is reserved for tools and outdoor toy storage.  C.H.I. full-view aluminum overhead doors come in a variety of options.  Homeowners and business owners can choose from over 10 different colors, additional insulation, extra seals, and four different glass coating options for privacy.  

There are many different Wisconsin businesses that can benefit from C.H.I. Full-view aluminum overhead doorsFull-view aluminum doors have been used for restaurants, bars, firehouses, auto repair shops, retail shops, and car dealerships.  Aluminum full-view doors allow light in during the winter and to open up your business to your customers during the summer.  residential full view aluminum overhead door

There are many benefits to C.H.I. Full-view aluminum overhead doors, but if you are a homeowner that needs more privacy but still enjoys sunlight coming into your dark garage, then check out C.H.I.’s different window insert options.  C.H.I.’s overhead doors are of the highest quality and come in every modern and classic style available to best complement your home’s exterior.  For a free quote from Modern Overhead Door to install a C.H.I. Overhead Door in your home or business around these Wisconsin cities and their surrounding areas: Appleton, Neenah, Oshkosh, Ripon, Kaukauna, or Fond du Lac, call (920) 354-6887.