How To Open A Garage Door Without Power

Most garage doors are operated electronically by a motor that is activated from a remote and through a system of pulleys and springs which pulls the door to the open position. It’s not uncommon for these motors to either suffer a power outage or fail due to any number of mechanical reasons. This article will discuss the best ways to operate a garage door independent of the electric motor that usually opens and closes it.

1. Locate the Red Rope

Locate the thin red rope hanging from your garage door motor. This rope is tethered to a switch that unhinges the motor from the garage door and will enable you to provide the muscle needed to operate the door. Give this rope a sharp tug, and you should feel a pop as the switch unhinges the motor from the garage door.

2. Lift the Garage Door

Now that you have freed the garage door from the electric motor you are free to lift the door yourself. You will find that it goes up surprisingly easily, thanks to the springs, they’re very powerful and actually are doing most of the work even when the motor is working properly. You should be able to slide the door all the way up to the completely open position where it will rest comfortably.

3. Manually Close the Garage Door

Finally,¬†all that you have to do to manually close the garage door is to just simply grab the same handle you used to haul it open and give it a good tug downward! Your garage door is on a track with wheels so as long as these are well maintained that initial tug should be just about all you need, and the garage door will start to come down. Keep in mind that you may want to control the descent as you don’t want the door to come slamming down too hard.

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