Stay Away From Cheap Overhead Doors

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Quality Overhead Door


  1. Investing in a new overhead door installation adds value to a home. Garage doors are the largest part of the front of your house it is the first thing that people see. Many real estate agents will even recommend replacing a garage door before putting a home on the market, to increase “curb appeal” and make the home more valuable. Overhead door installation is not as big of an investment compared to other home improvements but getting a new overhead garage door installed is certainly a worthy investment in a home.
  2. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has enacted certain safety requirements for garage doors. Most modern-day garage doors have these features built into them. One of these functions is the automatic reversal system, which means that the motion detector stops all movement from the overhead garage door when an object breaks the line of sight from the eye on the overhead doors tracking system. This safety feature reduces injury. Another built-in safety feature is doors that have manual controls. The manual control will allow the overhead door to open and close manually. This feature was made to prevent entrapment in case of a disaster.
  3. Overhead garage doors are a common weak point when it comes to home security. They are one of the most common points of entries for burglars. Newer garage doors have updated security features that keep your home secure. One of these functions is an advanced encryption technology known as rolling codes that generate billions of different codes that makes it almost impossible to hack. Another security feature is the trolley release system. In the past, burglars used to press on the garage door, exposing a small gap in the paneled door and use an object such as a clothes hanger to pull the emergency release cord down. Pulling the rope would drop the garage door onto the manual trolley system and enable to a burglar to gain entry to the home. The modern-day overhead garage doors require the emergency cord to be pulled back instead of down. It is worthwhile to invest in a quality overhead door because the security of your home depends on it.

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