Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

If you have a home with a garage door, you know how important a functioning garage door opener is. There is nothing more annoying than having to manually open and close your garage door, especially if you keep your car in the garage.

There are two ways to approach life in general, proactively and retroactively. Garage door openers are no different, you can wait till your garage door opener passes on to garage door opener heaven, or you can be proactive about it and buy a new garage door opener since the one you’re currently working with is old enough. What’s old enough you ask, if you’re having issues with it, it’s probably old enough. Don’t say, issues can be fixed, it’s a garage door opener, it’s supposed to work. Sure, it needs routine maintenance but if you find yourself repairing it, it’s time to replace your garage door opener.

New garage door openers connect with smartphones these days. Which opens up a whole new world of connectivity, programmability, and information about what’s happening in your garage.

New garage doors that are connected to the web can be opened from anywhere in the world. They’re also way more secure than your older model garage doors which utilized very basic frequencies to operate, frequencies that are easily hacked with low budget devices. Today’s web-enabled garage door openers boast many bit encryptions that would take a highly skilled hacker and a very expensive piece of tech to overcome.

These garage door opener apps on smartphones make it possible to track all sort of information about your garage. How many times a day the door is open, how long it’s left open, the temperature in your garage. The list goes on, it all depends on how sophisticated of a new garage door opener you want to get.

At the end of the day, new garage door openers are not that expensive, and they are a very worthwhile investment as they offer a lot of value across the board. Do yourself and your garage a favor and replace your garage door opener.

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