How to Take Care of Your Garage Door

It’s summer and that means so much for so many people! Sunny days, fun with friends, relaxing by the pool, etc.! But with the summer sun comes some less than desirable mud and dirt; especially on your garage door! Aesthetics aren’t the only thing to think about when caring for your garage door. If you want it to last a long time and look great, here are a few simple tips to increase the longevity of your garage door!oshkosh overhead door companies

  • Clean your garage door – This one is pretty obvious, but if your garage door gets messy, clean it! Even if the door isn’t terribly dirty it’s always a good idea to clean your garage door. This can prevent your door from rusting and keep it in tip-top shape! All you need is water, a sponge, and some soap to accomplish this.
  • Check Springs regularly – Springs are the heart and soul of any garage door! Without springs the door won’t be able to open and close, making it basically useless. Springs need to be replaced about every 10,000 uses, so if you are using your garage door frequently, they need to be replaced more often. Check them out every once in a while to make sure they aren’t damaged or showing signs of wear. Opening a garage door with broken springs could cause a ton of damage
  • Lubricate moving parts – Your garage has many moving parts. Springs, hinges, and wheels should be lubricated every so often in order to keep dirt and grime out of them and keep your door running smoothly!oshkosh overhead door companies

With these simple steps, your garage door will last longer, and it will show that you know how to take care of your door!

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