How to take care of your overhead garage door in winter

Winter in the Wisconsin area can be pretty brutal. A lot of different outdoor machinery can become damaged or worn because of this, and that includes your garage door. Maintenance for your overhead garage door in winter is still pretty similar to the rest of the year, there just needs to be a little more care taken because of the temperatures. Here is what you need to know:

Weather stripping – Temperatures get well below freezing in a Wisconsin winter. That piled on with the snow can lead to stripping of the bottom seal of your garage door. It is important to remove any ice or snow in front of your garage door to prevent this from happening. A damaged seal could cost you a ton of money on your heating bill. 

Lubrication – Garage doors have a lot of moving parts. These parts need to stay lubricated for your garage door to open smoothly. In freezing temperatures, your lubrication can harden and lead to your garage door opening louder with more friction. It is important to make sure your hinges, rollers, bearings, and springs are all lubricated enough. It is a good idea to check them twice every winter or when you start to notice problems. 

Metal parts – Metal material expands with colder temperatures. That means you are more likely to have a broken spring, roller, or your track shifting. Make sure to check on these parts throughout the winter and replace any that are damaged. 

Garage door maintenance is similar all year round but the cold can put a little more pressure on your overhead door. Make sure you take the time to take care of your overhead garage door and it will last many years to come! 

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