Why You Need a Trac Rite Rolling Steel Curtain Door for Your Commercial Building

In a commercial setting, you need to be able to depend on your equipment. Anything less is a liability, and depending on the piece of equipment and its function, it can even be detrimental. If your commercial building is using roll-up doors, you should be using a Trac Rite rolling steel curtain door, and I will tell you why. 

As a business owner, do you ever find your self shaking your head at something one of your employees has done only to remind yourself that they do not care as much as you do because it’s not their company? Well, that never happens at Trac Rite because they have been one hundred percent employee-owned since 1989. Every person who touches a Trac rite rolling steel curtain door has a personally vested interest in making sure each piece is made to perfection. 

Most roll-up doors are not rated for strong winds, I know, that is nuts. Well, Trac Rite doors are all rated for one hundred and thirty miles an hour winds, which means they will take some significant pummelling before a wind storm destroys them. Others doors, not so much, sometimes a person can accidentally lean into one, and it will come right off its track and be a major issue to repair, this is just another reason why Trac Rite roll-ups are the best game in town.

At this point, I will leave you with these last two awesome facts about the Trac Rite rolling steel curtain door. Their springs are the best in on the market, to start with they’re coated with EP3 which prevents rust. You can forget about ever having a broken spring again. They also come with a ten-year warranty, I know, take my money already!

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