Which Overhead Doors Are Right for Your Storage Facility

The basic answer to the question of which storage facility overhead door is right for a storage facility is simple; roll up. If you do not believe me, I am happy to prove it to you. In this article, I will discuss the variety of types of overhead garage doors and prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt as to why roll up overhead garage doors are the best.

Let’s start with what else is out there in terms of storage facility overhead doors. I will go ahead and list for you what the options are out there for overhead garage doors.

1. Swing-Up Overhead Doors

These are the solid pieces that open from the bottom. You have to step back when you open them so as not to get clipped in the chin as they swing out, up, and open. Not to mention that these create a larger requirement for space in front of the unit while opening but they also reduce your storage units capacity by needing to have space within the cavity to operate.   

2. Swing-Out Overhead Doors

The next option for overhead garage doors is the swing out, which are similar to the swing up overhead doors. Meaning, they are usually two doors that literally each swing out in opposite directions. While they do not take up any space within the storage unit, they do require a large amount of space outside of the unit to operate.

3. Roll-Up Overhead Doors

Let’s take a quick second to appreciate the economics of your storage facility; you are renting space for people to keep their things. Therefore, you want to maximize your rentable space. That being the case, you can not afford to waste space. Cue the lights and music, behold, the roll-up storage facility overhead doors! This door rolls up into itself, thereby maximizing the amount of rentable space you can offer your tenants! Those are the magic words, that is all you need to hear as a business owner, stop reading this, and go buy storage facility roll-up overhead doors!

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